About Us

Eagleye Hunting Gear is an Australian based company which was established in 2012. As hunting and shooting enthusiasts we dedicated our time and effort in design and innovation, pushing boundaries in attempt to create items which enhance the effectiveness of a shooter in the field. 

Eagleye specializes in:

  • Innovation - Research and development
  • Design - We design from field experience, our hunters push boundaries and test the products in the harshest conditions
  • Manufacturing - Our team is dedicated to bring consistent quality
  • Wholesale - We distribute product to Dealers (large or small) all around the world from our holding facilities in Sydney Australia 
  • Bulk Distribution and sales - We can supply bulk orders to distributors and partners around the world

At Eagleye Hunting Gear we are focused on delivering great service to tailor to the needs of the current market. By providing consistent reliability to our dealers we hope to provide prompt service to our customers ensuring total customer satisfaction. Eagleye values the relationships built with our dealers and strive to continue improving. Eagleye warrants all our brands and products, if you have any issues please contact our customer service on: 02 9773 6874 where our friendly staff will ensure your full satisfaction.