SmartRest Hyper Pod 3 BASE PACK

by SmartRest
Model: SRHP3-BP
$ 259.00 AUD

SmartRest Hyper Pod 3 BASE PACK

by SmartRest

The Hyper Pod 3 base is a monopod trigger pole with a quick release swivel knuckle on the top and pic rail on the base. 

The Hyper Pod 3 is designed to allow for mobile hunting and the ability to shoot accurately with fast set up time. When deployed it allows a shooter to get in position and shoot within seconds. It also allows carriage while walking around ether on the firearm or in hand when detached. The shooter can shoot standing with Hyper Pod 3 tucked into the hip, kneeling with the Hyper Pod 3 on the ground, or sitting with Hyper Pod 3 on the ground. 

For laying down prone the trigger pole can be detached and the bipod can be used on the knuckle for laying down position.

For sitting down you simply angle the Hyper Pod 3 to a suitable position to take aim while sitting down. 

For Kneeling to shoot you simply place the bipod on the ground, take a knee and adjust your desired height with the trigger. 

For shooting while standing simply tuck the bipod into the hip, adjust the height you need with the trigger. If you want to deploy the pole all the way to the ground we have extension poles as an option. The poles can be purchased as screw-on extension poles or as quick release.  

Available in: 

Base Model (no pic rail (SRWR) and no bipod (SRBPII)).

Complete Kit Includes (Pic rail (SRWR) + Knuckle (SRKN) + Trigger Pole (SRTSM) + Bipod II (SRBPII)). 


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